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Article Writing...What's In It For You?

Article writing is a great way of generating back links to your website. (See our article posted earlier What Are Back Links?” to understand this very important concept to website traffic). It is by far one of the most useful skills you can master. There are tons of e-books and even some free resources available on the Web.

How can article writing boost traffic and income.? Writing articles is a great way to bring traffic to your website and generate sales. People today are looking for good information that they can access quickly to help them find solutions or just share ideas. They will return again and again if the web page content is right. Traffic converts to sales in the long run. If your site receives just 300 targeted visitors a day and say only 1% convert, that equates to 3 sales a day. Obviously your conversion rate should be closer to 3% for any kind of info product that is in demand.

Writing relevant niche articles every couple of weeks or so is a great idea for your online business, but it can sometimes be difficult to find decent subject matter for your article. Writing a short article can be even more challenging, because you need to stay focused and organized. On the other hand, writing a short article really can be very easy if you work with a simple structure. The simpler the better. Choose a subject that you enjoy yourself so you can control interest. Most people today shy away from trying anything new, because it takes them out of their comfort zone. However, by starting off with shorter articles, it will become easier each time. Before long your article content and length will improve.(continued-click to read the rest of article)

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What Are Back Links?

Well here it is Friday again, the week has passed by so quickly!

Today I would like to discuss what the term "backlinks" means and it's importance.
Top Search engines like Google ,for example, rank webpages on how many links are linking to that web page. This is the number one factor used to rate pages in their directory. The more relevant links a page has linking to it, the higher the page rank or PR. Pages are ranked from a PR 1 to a PR10 with the higher PR number generally receiving the best page position on the search page with all else being equal.
So one of your priority goals should be finding good quality "back links" from related websites. There are various ways to accomplish this task, and the are all pretty much time consuming.
  • Join various High PR Forums and comment regularly leaving your website url in your signature.
  • Join Quality Blogs and do likewise
  • Compose a newsy article and deposit the article at several "free" article submission sites such as:
1. ACS PR: 8
2. MagPortal PR:7
3. Ezinearticles PR: 6

(for a full list of the top TWENTY FIVE please surf to

However, if your time is a big factor you may consider using submission software to ease the burden. Manually submitting to directories is a very tedious task that can usually take between fifteen or twenty minutes or so per directory, whereas with submission software, each submission takes only seconds a pop and you can submit to as many as 4000 SEO Friendly Directories using a program called SubmitEase or WeblinkSEO.

There are many excellent programs available to choose from. I personally am using Directory Submitter, only because I have had acceptable results in the past, but I really like SubmitEase and WeblinkSEO a little better as they are faster and allow more options like auto generating my link pages for sites to link to my site. These directories are updated monthly and new ones are being added so the process can be repeated on a regular basis as needed. Like I mentioned earlier, the more quality links pointing to your content, the better your ranking and the more targeted visitors will be seeing your web page.

However, do not expect this process to happen overnight. Most of the free directories take from several days to weeks or even months to approve and list your site. If money is no object you can of course access the paid directories which will may have you listed with in 24 or 48 hours , but their fees are stiff (like several hundreds of dollars for the big ones). Also a lot of the free directories require a reciprocal link pointing to them and this is where the automated software approach is so much easier. To really understand what is involved in manual submission, I will point you to a free e-book file on one of my domains that explains this process in detail. The file is located HERE. You will need Acrobat Reader to open the file which can be downloaded free HERE.

Don't forget about "Comment Kahuna" which is free to use and is quite effective. It just takes awhile to get the unlock code via email.

I am working on some more free tools to be available soon!

I invite your comments.

***P.S. late edition....just ran across this unique site that offers quality back links in exchange for Intel articles ...check it out HERE!***
***P.S.S. You can check how many sites are linked to yours HERE! ***
Blog Review

Directory Submitter Review

You may or may not know that Website Directory Submission is quickly becoming a very popular and easy way to get quality, one way links to your website.

These kind of links are exactly what the search engines are looking for. The websites with more quality, one way links are typically the sites that rank the highest, period.

With that said, there are several websites directory submission programs on the market. The best and easiest to use is a new program created by Brad Callen, called Directory Submitter.

The software currently contains around 1700 website directories, all free. It is the most straightforward program that we've come across, in that all you need to do is:

1. Input your website details (i.e. title, description, URL, etc.) into the software

2. Click on the directory you want to submit to

And then the program will automatically fill in your website details. Then, you simply click the submit button and your website is instantly submitted to the directory. Then, you can move to the next directory, go through the list, and by the time you're finished you'll have roughly 1500 one way links pointing to your website.

I can't think of an easier way to get links. Of course, if you're going to get links this quickly, it's important to vary your website title (anchor text) every 20-30 links or so, to make things look more natural to the search engines.

You can do this very easily via Directory Submitter when you create your project in the beginning.

The software is constantly being updated and their is an incredible community of users established that all work together to make the software better and better, so you know you're getting great value for the money.

To check out the software, go here: Directory Submitter

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