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Unique uses for autoresponders

People love to have access to things that other
people can’t get. It makes them feel special, and it
is a marketing tactic that really works. Granting
access to secret pages works well on the Internet.
It works best when it is limited. For instance, you
can grant access to only a lucky few, or you can
have a time limit for accessing the pages. You can
grant access to secret pages on your website with
an autoresponder.

The way this works is quite simple. You create a
directory on your website that is password protected,
with one login and password that everybody can use.
You then create some valuable content for that
directory. You can call this your secret vault or your
private stash or anything else you want to call it – as
long as it sounds like something that your visitors
may really want to get their hands on. For instance
‘the secret tools that helped me earn thousands
each month’ would probably entice many people
who want to learn how to make money.

Once you get the directory and the pages set up,
put the URL of the pages and the login name and
password in an autoresponder. Write a sales page
and distribute it to your opt-in list, or have other list
owners distribute it to theirs. Make sure you ‘limit’
the offer. Don’t let people assume that you are
going to share this secret information with the rest
of the world – they want to be the only ones with
this special access!

Keep access to the secret pages free. The goal is to
get people to those pages, so that they can purchase
your products or services. However, remember that
you’ve advertised secret tools or secret information.
Therefore, when they get to those pages, there must
be something of value there for them to collect – for
free in most cases. Don’t make the mistake of
thinking that you will be losing money by giving
something away for free – you won’t. In fact, you’ve
already gained by collecting the names and
addresses of the people who were interested in
your secret information!

Again, this is a marketing tactic that really works,
and it is a great way to use an autoresponder. Once
people have requested the information for your private
pages, you can email them periodically, using your
autoresponder, to let them know about updates to
the secret site. While you are updating them, you
can also tell them about other specials or new
products in your line.

तोदय्स special

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The Ultimate Guide to Making A Killing On Niches That Have High Demand and Low Competition

In this detailed and heavily researched report, you will learn things like:
Picking a profitable niche- It's not always what you like, but I'll show you the right ones.
Four important things you have to look out for in choosing a profitable niche.
An Excellent tool you must have for keyword research (and it's free!)
A shortcut method you can use for faster keyword research!
How to weed out the useless keywords from the profitable ones
Find out what kind of sites rank high so you know your competitors
The One site to search for information that people desperately need answers for!
Fast and easy ways to come up with content you don't have to bust your brains for

Guess what? I have not even touched on making money yet! Now you know what separates the real marketer from the so called experts – Real marketers know what they are doing and do it diligently.

And that's what you need to do too, pal – Follow all the steps laid out in this report diligently. If you miss a step and no results are seen, guess what, it's not my fault!

Further secrets you will discover which are useful to skyrocketing your online profits are:
The best free sites you can use to generate traffic and income
How to get interested customers to automatically click on your text links
Using the main source of free traffic for effective traffic generation
One important factor that could badly affect your sales or traffic (Do NOT ignore this)
How to leverage on social networking sites to pull loads of traffic to your sites
The shortcut way to keep content in your site fresh and appealing everyday

And much, much more!

Remember that this report is not a magical amulet or a get rich quick scheme. All the above pointers and steps which are not revealed here are effective, straightforward tactics that were proven in the fiercely competitive internet marketing world.

A proven expert, should he conduct a seminar and guide you step by step in an internet marketing start up, would charge you hundreds of dollars. I could easily charge you over $80 for all these internet secrets we're dishing out.


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COME 0N..You've been working too hard.

Take a break and play this ADDICTIVE game!

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Perhaps you've asked some of these questions too. Questions like ...

  • How can I make more sales than I am making now?

  • How can I find a hot market of people who will buy my product?

  • I don't understand all the options. Where can I start advertising my business?

  • How can I avoid wasting time on things that won't work?

  • How can I create my own product or find a great product to sell?

  • How can I learn what I need to know without spending a fortune?

And there were MANY more.

Now understand, these are well meaning people with a sincere desire to succeed online. They don't want to get rich overnight (they know that is hype and simply never happens) and they don't want to make a million dollars this year. They just want to make SOME real money online to relieve the pressures of modern living.

For most of them, starting by earning enough online to make a car payment (or their house note) every month would be great. Sure, they'd love to make a full time living online, but they know it takes time and knowing what to do and how to do it.

They Were Tired Of "Opportunities" and "Programs" That Promise The Moon And Delivered Only Disappointment.

I wanted to help every one of those people. And I'm happy to say that I was able to help a LOT of them. But there are only 24 hours in a day!

So I've taken what I know about how to build a SOLID business online and put it in my latest special report.

It's a SHORT report (55 pages) that you can read in about an hour. And when you finish it I believe you will find that MANY of your questions about Internet marketing are answered. Best of all, this report contains steps you can take now to get your business moving and start those sales coming in AND such rock-solid concepts that you can use it as a reference guide too!

Most of all, it shows you what to do and how to do it so that YOU CAN CREATE the right set of circumstances to make the online income you want become a reality.

This is 55 pages of rock-solid information. No fluff. No pretending. No games. I let you know what works, and what doesn't, based on my thirty years of experience in business (including the last five years online) and the success I've been blessed with as the owner of four active websites.

The name of the report says it all.

Common Sense Internet Marketing

This is no dry tome filled with theory about how you might do things. It's a practical guide that shows you how to find a great market, find a great product, advertise that product, and turn browsers into buyers!

Here is some of what you will find inside Common Sense Internet Marketing.

  • The five steps that every web business must take to succeed. Miss one and you could be missing sales!

  • How to find a large market of people who can buy your product. Includes specific techniques as well as links to sites that will help you get the job done.

  • Why you do NOT need to buy every new product that hits the market.

  • 15 POWERFUL ways to advertise online! An excellent overview of online advertising so you can understand your options. Includes sections on joint ventures, blogging, teleseminars, pay-per-click, and more!

  • How and where to find a great product to sell. Includes links to about 20 sites that offer thousands of products you can sell right now. A huge time saver!

  • How to create your own product the quick and easy way. You don't need to be a writer or programmer to create great products that people will love to buy.

  • How to create your own website TODAY without knowing one line of HTML code. Includes a private link to a site I built in 10 minutes using the same technique you will find in the report! You can do this!

  • Seven TIME WASTERS that you must avoid. These advertising methods sound too good to be true ... and they are! This short section alone can save you hours of wasted effort and help you get on the right track!

  • Over 45 DEFINITIONS of common Internet marketing terms. If terms like CTR, ezine, co-registration, moderator, or verified opt-in are somewhat foreign to you, this report will help you understand the language of the Internet and save you time when marketing.

  • How to collect money for the products you sell without a merchant account. PLUS, the pros and cons of having a merchant account. You NEED to know!

  • Five ways to find keywords (four are FREE!) that you can use to supercharge your pay-per-click and search engine marketing.

  • Three ways to make money with teleseminars.Includes a link to a site that will host your teleseminar FREE (up to 50 lines) for a limited time. NOTE: I can not control or guarantee how long this offer will last!

  • The quick and easy way to start your own affiliate program.

  • And so much more!


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It's A Wonderful World

Online Marketing System

New for 2009!

Discover how to use local search marketing to get and keep more customers. Any business can set up shop online.

If you think there are only certain types of businesses’ that benefit from advertising and marketing online you are wrong.

For example, if you are a business that requires customers to visit in person or who live nearby, you can still benefit form online advertising, drawing in customers that may be visiting your area, passer bys, out of town family or quests visiting the area.

This report will take you step by step through the process of creating and marketing your local business website for maximum benefit.

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New for 2009!

Not all consumers go online with the intent of buying online. More often than not they go online to research the products and services they are interested in and then buy offline. This may not make sense but actually it does.

In this report you will learn about all the types of local search and how to best take advantage of them.


* Searching online but buying locally

* How does local search work?

* Getting listed in local search

* SEO for organic search success
And much more….

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Work From Home Miracle

Article Title: Work From Home Miracle

Author: David R Young Jr


THERE ARE lots of different strategies to make cash on the Internet, and I know there are a lot out there that don’t work. I have applied the tipsof The SpiderWeb Marketing System because they do work to create income. The SpiderWeb Marketing System taught me through 22 FREE step-by-step tutorial videos exactly how to create 12 streams of income through the Internet. Through a totally free system, I learned how to employ revolutionary tips to channel the power of the Internet to create income in my financial favor. Other similar programs will set you back as much as $500 dollars for that kind of cutting-edge information. It takes as little as five minutes a day. Its totally free. And most importantly, it works to create sources of income. I know there’s a lot on the Internet that will claim to increase your income, because I’ve seen them. I also know that Spider Web Marketing works. 12 streams of positive cash flow income don’t lie. To find out how you can become involved and create 12 new sources of income, email me, or click here NOW!


Resource box: David R Young Jr is an Author and publisher of his own Blog called Niche marketing Resources: the Blog features articles related to niches, and useful internet marketing resources,software reviews, tips and tools...and All e-books are Free for Now!

Increasing Link Popularity

Search engines are the gateway to the Internet; they are
the first tool that potential customers use to find the
products and services they need. This is why link
popularity is so imperative. If the customers do not find
your website, you have no possibilities of making any

You're probably wondering what the blazes is popular about
a link! Well, in a word - plenty! Link popularity refers to
the ranking assigned to your website by the search engines,
and it determines the ranking your page gets when keywords
are entered into a search engine. So, you're probably
wondering, how do I make my link popular?

Search engines are discretionary, giving status and ranking
to sites that have links to their pages from related,
quality sites. It's a simple formula, but a very important
one. Google created the system, and now virtually all the
most popular search engines employ it to rank your web
pages in their indexes.

The more commonly used your keyword is, the harder it will
be to achieve link popularity, but without achieving this
step, it is almost certain your site will never rank highly
on any search engine. But don't be discouraged; there are
tried and true ways of achieving link popularity using the
most competitive keywords.

There are a few things you should be aware of. The first is
that just linking up with a large number of other websites
will not achieve link popularity. In fact, it may have
quite the opposite effect. This is particularly true when
pertaining to websites that are nothing more than "link
farms" - pages containing line after line of indiscriminate
links. Search engines may aggressively discriminate against
your website if you are associated with a link farm, so
steer clear of them!

The next thing to bear in mind is the quality of the site
you are linking to. Never link to a page you have
reservations about your visitors seeing. The last thing you
want your website to appear as is indiscriminate and cheap.
Linking to sites of poor quality will only lessen your link
popularity, if not completely destroy it.

So let's get to what you need to do to achieve supreme link
popularity and improve your rankings to stellar status on
all the popular search engines.

The first step, and the fastest way to get your foot in the
door, is to get a listing in a popular directory, such as
Open Directory Project and Yahoo. If your site is
business-related, you will want to be listed on Yahoo, and
despite the fact that it will cost you around $300 a year,
it will be money well spent. If your site is
non-commercial, the listing will be free, but it will take
time and follow-up to actually get it listed. Open
Directory is gives you a free listing whether you are
business-related or non-commercial, but be prepared to make
a lot of follow-up inquiries before you see your site

You are aiming to get listed in the highest level of
appropriate category, and this just takes some common
sense. For example, if your company ships Alpaca wool from
an Alpaca farm located in the middle of Nowhere, Tiny
State, do NOT submit your listing to "Retailers from
Nowhere, Tiny State." BIG MISTAKE! All you have to do is
look a little deeper - and submit your listing to the "Fine
Alpaca Wool" category. You will not only associate yourself
with culture and quality, but you will be listed in a
national category.

The next step after you have attained directory listings is
to locate other quality sites that will increase your link
popularity. Try to find sites that are in some way related
to yours, so not only will your link popularity increase,
but your customer base may also be expanded. You want to
avoid your competitors and look for sites that are useful
to your site's visitors. Let's look at the Alpaca Wool site
example. Linking up to a site that sells knitting supplies
would be helpful to your visitors, and the chances of the
knitting supply site wanting to link up to your site are
also greater. By linking to a related site that will be
relevant to your website's traffic, you are increasing both
of your site's business prospects - and both of your sites'
link popularity.

Not all sites want to link to other sites, so you will have
to do some research when you are looking for possible
linking partners. Google is an excellent starting place for
your search. Make sure you enter keywords that you think
quality customers will also enter to find your own site.
Remember, your criteria are quality, highly ranked,
non-competing websites that have a links or resources page.
Go to these sites and objectively assess them. Look at the
quality of the product, the graphics, and the ease of use.
Then check out the other sites they are linked to, and
determine if your own site would fit in with the crowd.

When you decide you have found a good prospect, you must
set out to woo them. The first thing to do is to add a link
on your own links page to their site. This is an essential
first step; it shows good faith, and ups your chances
significantly of their reciprocity. After you have added
their link, you must contact the webmaster of their site.
Since this is almost always done by email, you want to make
sure it is immediately clear that your message is not junk
mail. This requires that you tell them right off the bat
that you have added a link to their page on your site. A
hook like this almost always insures the reader will read

Next, be sure to be flattering and let them know how much
you appreciate their website. Make sure you emphasize that
you have actually visited their site, and that their site
is not just a random pick. Give them the address of your
links page, and ask them to check out the link for
themselves. It's a good idea to mention that they will not
only benefit from the increased traffic your website will
direct their way, but you will also increase their link
popularity. Briefly, explain why link popularity is so
essential, but do this in a sentence or two so you don't
sound like a professor! Finally, tell them you would
greatly appreciate if they would reciprocally add a link on
their own links page to your website.

Go through this process with as many appropriate sites as
you can find, bearing in mind the criteria of quality and
non-competitiveness. After you have emailed all relevant
sites, be sure to check these website frequently to see if
they have added a link to your page. Give it about a month,
and if no link appears, try another charming email. Then
give it another month, and if your site is still absent
from their links page, it's time to remove their link from
your own links page. The only time you want to pursue a
link further than this is if you believe a site is crucial
to your link popularity and your business needs. Just
remember to keep all your communications complimentary and

Then set up a schedule to check your ranking in search
engines frequently to see if your link popularity has
improved. This is not achievable in the blink of an eye. It
will take some time and a good deal of work. There is no
way around the labor-intensive quality of improving your
link popularity, which is why search engines regard it with
such importance.

By the way - make sure you have a beautiful, streamlined
site or you will never persuade anyone to link up to you.
Be prepared to keep plugging away at this process, as long
as it takes, until you achieve link popularity stardom!

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How To Write Persuasive Subject Lines

How To Write Persuasive Subject Lines

By Karon Thackston
April 16, 2006

Three seconds and 40 characters. That's all you usually have to work with when trying to get and hold the attention of someone reading email. And with user behavior changing so much in response to overwhelming amounts of spam, the attention spans of email readers are getting shorter. Needless to say, it's vital to make the most of your introduction via the email subject line.

Email marketing powerhouse conducts annual surveys with regard to user behavior when it comes to email. A couple of the statistics from their latest findings are interesting. The second-biggest motivator in opening email is the subject line. (The first is the "from" line.)

Because subject lines are often truncated at around 40 characters -- and because email readers usually have their index fingers poised over the delete button -- we're left with about three seconds and approximately six words to make an impression. So what works? Which types of subject lines have proven to be successful? Here are my top three:

1. Make An Offer

It's an old sales cliche that still holds true in the fast-paced world of cyberspace: Lead with your best offer. Whether a product, service, or proposal, you want to tell people up front about your deepest discounts, your fastest delivery, or your grandest idea. Get their attention right off the bat, and you'll likely have your message read. (It's even better if your offer happens to be time-sensitive.) Examples include:

"Half Off Leather Boots Until March 1st"

"Top 10 Reasons To Attend [Whatever]"

"Your Link on High-ranking Web Pages"

2. State a Benefit

Since the majority of consumer and B2B customers live in the "what's in it for me" world, benefits always make powerful subject lines. Telling the readers what the end results of their actions will be helps them visualize the need for your product or service. Here are a few examples based on the subject lines above:

"Wear Fall's Hottest Trends for 50% Off"

"Learn [Whatever] in Only Two Days"

"Build Link Popularity & Traffic for Your Site"

3. Evoke Curiosity

We're all nosy to a point. Our curiosity gets the best of us, and we want to know more. That's not only true when it comes to watching movie previews on TV. It's also true for email as well. Some of the best subject lines hook readers by piquing their curiosity, and then reel them in to read the entire message.

"Are You Still Wearing These Fashion "Don'ts"?"

"The Secrets to [Whatever] Never Before Revealed"

"Link-popularity Scams You Should Avoid"

Of course, the key to writing the best subject lines is knowing your target customers, making the topic relevant, and testing, testing, testing.

The other interesting fact from the DoubleClick email survey is that relevancy is a major player. Over 55% of respondents said they deleted email that wasn't relevant because they considered it spam. DoubleClick also reported that the average open rate was 27.5% (for text or HTML messages). That gives you a baseline to gauge your success.

Not every type of subject line will work for every campaign. Testing is vital. And it's easy enough to do. One of my favorite ways is to set up a Google AdWords campaign and judge the clickthrough rates. This quickly (and cheaply) tells you which subject lines will work and which won't. You can also test your subject lines by sending your emails to a smaller test list before broadcasting to the entire group.

Whichever styles of subject lines you choose, make sure you know your target audience so you can develop relevant subject lines. Then test and test again until you've created subjects that are highly persuasive and deliver record-breaking open rates.

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