Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hi Guys and Gals!

So glad to be able to come to you with great news!

I've been preparing a rich Internet marketing tips newsletter to be sent out periodically to my subscribers only. It will cover many area's and avenues to hopefully give you some fuel to prosper and succeed. You will be amazed at the possibilities. No not a get 'rich" quick system as there is no such animal. There is so much hype all over the Internet these days, and that is all it is is HYPE! To succeed in this business like any other it will take honest effort and some sweat and the will and persistence to keep on

I am speaking to you from my heart now, as I learned from years of failure and mistakes trusting and believing all the money making schemes would somehow work just to be drowned in
disappointment and frustration. I'm sure that I must have spent well over a thousand dollars during that time interval. I don't want this to happen to you.

So just as soon as I can get set up, I'll let you know, it will be very soon I promise. So be watching and expecting!

I don't believe I have shared this before, but even doing all the wrong things for several years, hoping for success and not realizing any, I kept trying and by doing so, learned some things from my errors. The main thing I believe I learned, was to NEVER NEVER Give Up!!

I'm beginning to sound a little like sir Winston rambling on here, but we can never gain by quiting, no matter what we're involved in. Thomas Edison failed miserably over a thousand times during a period of -think of this-fifty years before he invented the
incandescent light bulb.
Just imagine if he had quit
experimentation sooner, where would we be today? I'd hate to be reading this by candle light. And of course, he went on to invent many other conveniences we pretty much take for granted. He had patents on electricity, batteries, mining, motion pictures, phonographs, telegraphs, telephones, and even cement! Why because he was tenacious and persistent.

So do not be afraid to step out take some chances. So what if you mess up? So what! Who hasn't? Just get up and try it again. Be like that infant who must crawl and fall to learn to walk and then to run! I think most of us would really benefit the most if we could just become like children again and not think about what others might think. We cripple our own progress by doing so, and it need not be this way. Just always remember this. We all have talents and skills that are different from one another but need to be shared with others. I believe our Creator designed us that way so we would have a purpose and reason for being here! Can I get any one to agree with me on that?

O K got to hang up for now, as I smell dinner cooking.

You all be good until next time.


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