Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to start your internet business on a shoestring budget

Here's my advice to financially challenged folks who want a web business...

Don't quit your day job just yet... But DO get to work growing your own business in your spare time. Yes, you can grow your own business online with less than $15 a week, and I will show you how today.

I know that may sound absurd, especially when businesses in the real world usually cost anywhere from $10,000 - $200,000 to start. I also realize there are many companies out there selling "turnkey web business opportunities" for anywhere from $1,500 - $5,000 and more.

So where do I get off telling you that you can do it all on less than $15 a week?

Easy, I'm a real cheapo at heart! I got started with next to nothing, and you can too. And believe me, things were much more expensive online when I started out.

Nowadays you can get a great website design program for $0, an FTP program for $0, web hosting for $3, payment processing for pennies, website promotion for $0, and that's just about everything you need.

In fact, here are the essentials for any web business, including the web's 10 best no-cost and low-cost solutions available. You've probably never heard of some of these solutions, but they are solid, reliable, and dirt-cheap.

Essential #1: Your Own Website

The first thing you'll need when starting a business online is a website or a blog. Whether you plan to make money selling your own products and services or selling as an affiliate, you need a "home base" to direct your prospects to.

Cheapo Resources: Here are the top low-cost and no-cost resources for building your own website... - This is one of the best website design programs on the web. With it you can design your entire website. You can start from scratch or use a pre-designed website template. This program rivals programs costing hundreds of dollars.
Cost: $0 - A great source for pre-designed website templates. But not just "pretty" templates -- these professional templates contain all the sales components of top selling websites. BizWeb eGazette subscribers get 10 free templates...
Cost: $0 - Once you have a site designed, you need a web host. This host gets great reviews from their customers and businesses get quite a list of features for just $3 a month with their start account. If I were on a very tight budget and just starting out, this is the host I would use. (While you can find free business hosting on the web, most include 3rd party ads on your site - a big no-no.)
Cost: $1 per week including domain name

FTP Commander - If you're going to build a website you need a way to upload the files to your web host. This tool is easy to use and comes with the perfect price tag...
Cost: $0 - If you like to write then you may prefer to go the blog route instead building a website. Using this web-based blog building platform you can get started in less than an hour.
Cost: $0 - Another top-notch blog builder.
Cost: $0

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