Thursday, December 4, 2008

Niche Marketing Explained in Simple Terms

Well lets get on with task at hand, and give you a clear understanding of what Niche marketing is. Niches are topics, there are niches and sub-niches. A Niche is the broad view and the sub niche is isolating an area of interest inside the broad niche. This is a huge mistake that so many make when searching out a niche market that they may be thinking about entering.

When you place your business in a broad niche then the competition tends to be quite high making your marketing efforts tougher than they need to be. Sub niches are where the real money is made, and when you know what and how to find profitable niches, is when you can then locate the proper affiliate products to go along with it. Let me give you and example of a niche and a sub niche.

Take fly fishing. Fly fishing is a niche, that's your broad niche. There are sub niches such as fly-casting, dry fly fishing, streamer fishing, nymph fishing. I think your probably starting to get the picture. These sub niches are often times where you will find the gold nuggets and cash producers.

When thinking about what you want to start your business online with, you should be thinking in terms of Niches broadly and then sub-niches inside. So how exactly are you going to come up with ideas? My suggestion is to go to some of the article directories and start your research. Whether it is selling hard goods in an ecommerce store, or whether your looking at the information marketing end of an online business, there is a wealth of information to gained from article directories.

Some of my best research for niche marketing comes from article directories and here are Some good examples of directories to start with. GoArticles and Article City just to name just a couple. Simply go to Google or yahoo and type in article directories and there will be 100's to view. If people are writing articles about the subject you're interested in, then there is a pretty sure bet there is money to be made. And typically you'll come away with ideas you had never thought of before.

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